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Corrosion Management


The corrosion management process is employed to ensure an effective, sustainable corrosion control program over the life of the asset. Corrosion management uses the elements of a management system such as establishment of corrosion policies, company organization, accountabilities, planning, integration between different functions, etc., to support corrosion control programs within an organization

Why Vecor?

Our experienced team of corrosion engineers and technicians have vast experience not only performing corrosion control activities but are knowledgeable in corrosion management principles and can help you to develop an adequate budget and justify it to stakeholders and management. Our staff can help you to communicate the context of corrosion management within your organization simply by explaining how corrosion control relates to integrity management and risk management and finding how the corrosion control plan support long-term planning for the asset.

Don’t let corrosion leaks and failures lead you to costly loss of throughput, damage to reputation interruption of critical services or environmental disasters that can get you out of comply with federal regulations with consequent regulatory penalties or even criminal prosecution! Call us as we are ready to support you.

The objective of Corrosion Management is to provide a structure or environment in which the activities of corrosion control are carried out effectively, sustainably, and in concert with other corporate programs, procedure and policies. A Corrosion Management system (CMS) encompasses corrosion control, but is not focus solely on the day-to-day activities that are handled by the corrosion control program

Vecor applies the “asses, mitigate, monitor and repeat” cycle which represents activities that (should) occur in day-to-day corrosion control work.


The core elements of Corrosion Management process “Assess, Mitigate, Monitor”

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25 November 2015



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